As a person who has struggled with allergies and feeling generally unwell until recent years, I became extremely interested in anything that would help me to be balanced and well.  That journey led me to learning the Health Kinesiology™ system.   In learning that system I worked with many people, helping them on their own journeys to wellness.  I discovered that this was something that I loved doing.  That in turn led me to learn about Therapeautic Grade Essential Oils from the premier essential oil producer in the world, Young Living.  From there it was just another step to Clinical Massage Therapy which exposed me to the Bowen Technique, where I can combine everything I have learned to promote balance and wellness for others (my true passion)!


Health Kinesiology™ (Certified in Aug. 2003)

HK 1-10

SCOTT Protocol

Practical Geobiology


The Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals

Body Systems


Practicum (included work with flower essences)

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE)

Applied Vitaflex

Raindrop I & II


Emotional Release

The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy

President’s Honors List (2007)


NeuroStructural Integration Technique

Advanced Practitioner





"I have had a lot of massages with many different people.  I was just looking for total relaxation out of my massage.

My perception was that all the so-called benefits of regular massage were just hype.

What I have found is receiving regular massages from Sandra allows me to feel good when I leave (totally relaxed) and the feeling stays with me for a few weeks.  My neck and shoulders feel better and looser and just about the time they start to tighten up it's time for my next appointment.  I have a complete feeling of wellness, more so than from any other type of wellness practitioner (including chiropractic).

By receiving massage monthly from Sandra, her hands have gotten to know my muscles and she knows what to focus on to achieve the feeling of wellness that I'm looking for."

Margaret R.

"My perception of massage was that it was only for relaxation but I thought it was tedious and time consuming. 

After experiencing my first massage with Sandra I had a complete 180 turn in my thinking.  I now know it is definitely worth the time and the money to receive regular massage.

I am more focused, have less pain and am in an overall happier mood after receiving regular massages.  I would absolutely recommend Sandra for massage therapy and am very satisfied in the services I have received."

Joe T.

I was looking for relaxation, deep tissue stimulation and an overall relaxed feeling.  I have had massages before hoping for relief from everyday stress on my body.

My experience with Sandra has been positive.  After receiving regular massage I feel a release of stress and I can feel my muscles relax.  I would recommend Sandra for providing regular massages.  She does a good job of getting into the problem areas, she is professional in her manner and I love her use of aromatherapy."

Teresa J



Swedish Massage

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