The body is in a constant search for balance...
physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually...
its called homeostasis.

Modern living places a variety of stresses on the body that upsets its homeostasis.  This can then result in pain and physical discomfort.  I specialize in achieving natural, healthy relief rom physical, emotional and psychological pain and discomfort using a variety of techniques to help the body come back into balance.

The body is vibrational and uses the vibration of nature to maintain balance.  Many things interfere with body balance including pollution, man-made chemicals, electromagnetic interference (cell phones, etc.) and the stress of our life-style. 

Homeostasis is governed physically by the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.  The sympathetic nervous system is the "fight or flight" response which triggers actions in the body that shut down what the body considers non-essential for fighting or fleeing.  The sympathetic nervous system also triggers certain hormones and chemicals to aid fighting or fleeing.  These body chemicals are fine for the short term but if they are in your body continually they break down the body.  Anytime you hear about a disfunction being stress related it is because your body is being governed by the sympathetic nervous system too much.  Optimally, our bodies should be governed by the parasympathtic nervous system which is the "rest and rebuild" response.  This state is where our cells are rebuilt, our body can digest and take in nutrition so that it can function optimally.

Sandra L Carney LMT

Restoring Balance for Wellness

When the body can't bring itself into balance it communicates that there is a problem by giving symptoms.  These symptoms are clues as to where the imbalance is occurring.  For example, when you are exposed to man-made odors (fragrances) and you get a headache, its a signal that it is too much for your liver to handle, maybe because your liver is overloaded or energy is blocked to the liver  so that it can't function optimally, or that the odor (fragrance) is triggering hormones inappropriately.  When energy is bloc ked to our organs is like a low batter, the organs don't function optimally, which in turn allows disease to set in.